Error: Boundary Limit has been reached

Do you know, that there are actually no boundaries except the one that we create for ourselves? We create a boundary among ourselves as STEM and NON-STEM. In simple terms, Science and Arts. If you are in India, you will more closely relate to it. Because we are more like brainwashed in to the science stream for better salaries.

But I have always known and believed that “You are never not good at anything! All you need is to learn and practice”. But I have always felt inferior about myself thinking that I am not a master of anything and was afraid that I can never be one because I’m interested towards everything and all over the place.

And today, I have been reading this amazing book – Fluid by Ashish Jaiswal where I came across the fact that the great Leonardo da vinci, the famous Mona lisa painter was actually an architect/Engineer. Can you believe that? When I read that, I was mind blown😱. Because I have only known him so far as the guy who drew Mona lisa.

Long story in short- Leonardo da vinci was everything he always wanted to be. He didn’t create a boundary among himself as an artist. He was great at mathematics, anatomy and many more. Also, he was very fit as per the book.

So, people all over the world just like me who are all over the places, be proud that you are not creating boundaries among yourself and please explore all the options instead of trying to be inferior about it. Be Awesome as always.😉

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