Life Happened!

Have you ever been in a situation where just few minutes ago, you are all happy and smiling, feeling all good about life and then suddenly, you start crying and you don’t know what will happen next in your life.

Is this life? Is this what usually happens? Why does life has to be like this? Ya, I know that I should approach life with a positive attitude.Believe me, I’m all about that positive attitude crap. But positive attitude just doesn’t shine brightly at your mind when you are crying and thinking how your life will go after this point knowing that anything happens after that point is going to break your heart in two.

And why do you always have to choose between two or more things.Won’t it be better if we had only one option every single time. All I have, at this point is two options. I can either accept defeat and surrender to life or I can fight back and stop life pushing me around. Well, to be honest, I just don’t know. Ah! The irony. I’m once again left with two choices. What else to say other than, life happened!

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