The ramblings of a wing clipped girl

Stress. Even the word requires stressing while pronouncing. The thing that is stressing me out now is the unmentionable M.Let me spare you the guessing of what’s that unmentionable M. It’s marriage.

What is the concept of marriage? Why do we even get married? To create a generation of ourselves so that we don’t become extinct? All these are just so frustrating.

In India, the girls are expected to be married before 25. If not, you are considered to be spinster by your relations and family.

Life is so much more. I mean, I am 25 going on 10 kinda girl. I keep dreaming just like a river. Always flowing through my mind. Marriage feels like my dreams are being bottled up and capturing me in a cage.

All I want to do is travel, read books, settle my family, find love and live happily ever after. I want to be the girl who slays dragon. Not an ordinary girl who gets married and lives an ordinary life.

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