This Life : Life at every angle

I’ve got a different angle for life recently. I started looking life ,in general, in all the angles you could possibly have. This Life we live, is it ours? Is it dependent on the people around us? Is what we are doing is right?

What we consider good can/will be bad for someone else. Have you considered looking something that took place from other person’s point of view. For example, when someone tries to steal your boyfriend/girlfriend or someone you really love, does that make them a bad person? In your point of view, she/he is a (insert a bad word of your choice). But when you consider from their view, look from their side, they might be considering you a bad person for making the person they loved become close to you. It is jealousy and a kind of possessiveness that made them manipulative. But who can be blamed here?

We are all babies in this world. Falling down every step and slowly learning to make each and every step without falling. We humans, in general irrespective of the age, make mistakes. Age is just a number. What you experienced at a very young age, might be experienced by someone at an old age. We learn by making mistakes and learning from them.

When you truly start looking behind the reason for each and every action that is taking place, you can find yourself viewing people and life in a different angle like a beautiful kaleidoscope without any judgements.

I strongly believe that when you start living life without judging anyone for their actions, your life will be better..

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