Cheating on my books

I love books. I can’t phrase to describe how much I love hoarding books. Have you watched the beauty and the beast movie. I am like belle. I wanted that library. I still do. But lately, I have read so many books in my Kindle that I have lost touch reading in paperbacks.

I recently started re-reading a book that I read in college. Well, the book is Alchemist and I was dumb enough to consider that it was just ok that time. When I was reading the story, I wanted to highlight almost all the paragraphs in book and my hands were itching to find the book in kindle and highlight. Being used to just long press and highlight in my kindle, I was more accustomed to it. And I felt guilty. I felt like I am cheating on my books because now I’m searching for e-books.

Books, I’m really sorry. And you know I don’t want you to be hurt. That’s the only reason I can’t even stand using an highlighter or seeing a dog eared page.I still love you and will always, no matter what. ♥️

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