A love letter to Peter Kavinsky

Dear Peter Kavinsky,

I’ve stopped reading/watching romance genre a long back. 6 years back, to be specific. Because all those romance genre novels and rom-com movies gave me high standards of a boyfriend.

I was afraid that I might get my heart broken because of these high standards and that’s why I stopped watching those. But I got the opportunity to watch To all the boys I’ve loved movie and I loved it. No big change. My feelings about love and being in love was still suppressed.

And then after watching P.S I still love you and then reading all the novels in 2 days, all the suppressed feeling just came back like a water escaping a broken dam. The movie was intense. The heartbreak scene along with the song was just too much for me. It was melancholic. After seeing the movie, I read the books and I watched To all the boys I’ve loved again. I just can’t stop thinking that I want a boyfriend just like peter kavinsky. My preferred fictional character of a boyfriend was Augustus Waters. But I’m afraid that Peter kavinsky just soared through my heart and captured that spot of Augustus water.

It was because of both Noah centineo and also the character Peter Kavinsky. Noah’s charms, his smile are just a bonus to the character of Peter Kavinsky. It was pretty damn perfect casting. All of them I mean. But, Peter Kavinsky won my heart.

I love you, Peter kavinsky. I really do. But now, what do I do with these feelings that came right back to me like a flash of lightning and that is still lingering in ny heart for the past 2 days. I wish you can be real. I really do.

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