Fan girl

By Rainbow Rowell

Few days ago, I read the book – Fan girl by Rainbow rowell. I have got an immense desire to write fiction stories after reading this book.

If you are an avid reader and you constantly find yourself escaping into fictional worlds, you will love this book. It’s not so much about the story. But about the way you will relate with the lead role Cath.

I don’t read fan fiction. I always felt like fan-fic destroys the way the character is actually is. But I was able to relate with the reading.

I started this blog with the intention to become a writer. As you can see with my irregular post, I was not so passionate about it. And also, I am regretting the name of the web page. Is this how it usually is?

I have got all these insecurities and fears and laziness and questions with me. I carry them around like you carry your backpack to your school. Someday, I wish these kind of shitty post is what people dig about me once I have become a famous writer.

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