This Life: Finding Purpose

What is life? And why do we even have to be born. These thoughts keep nagging my mind recently. Is our reason to be here is just to be born,live something and then die. What is the purpose of all this life if we are going to die anyway.

Is life nothing but a illusion? Everytime I have deep thoughts and conclude that this is what is life is, life goes ahead and just acts in a abnormal way. The same way, your teacher will change the question paper when he knows that the paper has been leaked somehow.

Why to life? Why all this suffering. Why this thoughts of insecurity, unhappiness and failures.When I was little, I used to think what’s the great deal about this purpose of life. But as I get older, I do realise we all need a reason to live. A purpose. It can be your children, your parents or your loved one.

But am I greedy or am I just acting normal when I say I want to make a mark in the world. I want my purpose to be to make an impact in the world. But also sometimes I feel that there is no point to this. We are going to die anyhow, then why suffer.

I hate the feeling that I’m about to be 26 and still don’t have a passion or a reason to live. It feels like I’m in a never ending maze. Constant feeling lost and upset.

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