This Life : Exploration

Are you satisfied with where you are right now? Both literally and figuratively. If no, please continue. Have you lived in a same place all your life?  I live in Chennai city in Tamil nadu, a state in India. I have lived here for all my 25 years of life.

All these years I have obsessed over Chennai because who doesn’t obsess over their hometown. When people speak trash about my city, I always defend it. But all those times when I was defending my city, i was doing it only because I felt like Chennai is superior to other city.Obviously, I was ignorant and delusional.

All my life, I’ve watched people exploit Chennai but then speak trash about it. I hate those people and still defend my City. It proves disloyalty and I mean no city people should listen to the trash talks about their city. Now I defend the city only for this reason.

I know you are wondering what happened for this change. It’s simply because I started exploring other cities and states. I am no longer ignorant. But more understanding of life.

Now I am not obsessed over the city. I feel like I belong to every city I’ve visited and every city I am yet to visit. I got this huge desire to travel all the places in the world, experience every culture, every food. I have the urge to belong to every place, not just one.

And I can say for sure that people who travel are better person and have better understanding of life. And most importantly they have stories worth experiencing.

Life is not easy because it is simple but we, humans try to solve it in a complex way. I am not saying that I know everything about life. But I do understand now, that there is no right, no wrong. It’s just how life works.

Travel. Explore. Try different cuisines. Experience new things. Experience different culture. It changes you. It makes you a better person.

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